70s Outfits for Women

Wednesday, October 15th 2014. | Classic Fashion
70s Outfits for Women

Seems the fashion world is being returned with inspiring fashion trends inspiration from the 70s Outfits For Women. Bell bottom pants, overalls, skirts pants, and shoes are also wedges will be easily found in boutiques today.

From some of the iconic 70s fashion, this time we will share ideas that you can try to change your look into so 70’s but still modern.

  1. The first is the bell bottom pants. These pants are suitable for you who hipped slightly larger because the pieces are straight and wide hips down is great disguise. Keep in mind also this piece pants more suitable for your level-legged women, we recommend to always wear heels when wearing these pants to a more balanced body proportions. In order to keep a balanced body proportions better choose short tops or inserted into the pants and add a belt to show the waist line. Then for the no-legged ladder sky crapper advised to wear heels or wedges shoes so that the display looks more 70s.
  2. Overalls Aka shirts mechanic’s also comes back. As seen worn Alexa Chung, overalls can be combined with bright color shirts or stripes to make it look more modern. Can also select overalls with floral motif and mix with a bright color shirt and cardigan / sweater jacket plain. In addition to clothes and also accessories such motifs ala John Lennon glasses, wedges shoes and also handbags postman bag box where you can choose.
  3. Retro Prints can also be a 70s fashion trends. No need to hunt directly flea market only to find vintage clothes because now many bran are selling their collections that are inspired from retro prints. Pair with Slouchy sweaters, round sunglasses, handbags, and diamond-shaped earrings as accessories are very popular in the 70s. earrings as accessories that are very popular in the 70s.

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